[DONE] Obtaining file URLs following pdf creation

I am not sure if this is expected or not however in case its not:
if you create a new pdf and save it to a record then run this:

const fileLinks = project_field_project_details_file_urls;
const filenames = project_field_project_details_filename;
const filename = var_tname;

// Filter the array to find the URL containing the file name
const filelink = fileLinks.find(url => url.includes(var_tname));

from within the same automation the project_field_project_details_file_urls doesn’t seem to deliver a set of easily useable URLs however if you call an automation from the create and save one with the above script in it does work as expected.

I assume this is something to do with it returning some sort of temporary url’s or similar.

if run in its own Automation you get returned the URL with filename:


Hi @jason,

thank you very much for reporting this problem to us! It definitely looks like this needs to be optimized.
We will definitely address the issue and get back to you here!



I am pleased to say that the @TapeTeam have resolved this and you can now get a useable list of URLs in the same automation as adding a file.

Many thanks for fixing this