[DONE] Relation search

we have relation field witch you can see from picture below.
But if we search we can’t find it.
If we type: j-301 we can find it, but if we type j-39 it does not find it.
Any suggestions?
Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 08.30.58
Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 08.31.11

I have tried to replace β€œ-” with β€œβ€ and than search works.
But that means that we have to replace all of internal codes to be without β€œ-”.
It there maybe any guidance how should search for related works?


Hi @tomaz,

thank you very much for your report! We are analyzing your issue and as soon as we have the cause we will fix the problem. I will get back to you directly here with the progress of the issue.

Thanks again for the report and sorry for the issue

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Hey @tomaz ,

I am looking into the issue now - could you please share the ID of the record that you do not find in the relation search? (The record with the title J-39 from the screenshot above)

Sharing the URL of the web-client while having this record open would also work :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance & happy holidays,