[DONE] Script silent dies, but automation thinks all is fine?

Could it be, that a script within an automation just dies and the automation won’t tell me?

console.log(“Script execution started”);
console.log(“Script execution completed”);

I would expect to see both log outputs, if there is no error in the script.


Could it be, that for whatever reason the script got killed? But then it shouldn’t be a “success” on the automation level?


I have had something similar a couple of times recently were if I run the automation with a script and console.log and it seems to skip the log. It normal seems to occur straight after I have made a change and run. When I have re-run the automation it has shown fine so I have just put it down to a timing thing.

I have definitely seen this or a related bug.

Unfortunately, the console only works in the top level.

@dirk_s thanks for reporting this. By exchanging info with Dirk directly, we were able to trace the mysterious workflow execution to a flow that generated huge amounts of logs and ultimately leading to a silent crash.

After further analysis: Until now, large logs could cause issues with the workflow execution leading to this silent failure, which is indeed quite confusing. :face_with_head_bandage:

We resolved this issue and Tape is now resilient against such large amount of logs. You should never see workflows fail silently, or lacking log output as in the above example. Thanks for keeping an eye out, reporting those things and helping us to make Tape better every day :partying_face:



@Tim is this a Bug? :point_up_2: :point_up_2: