[DONE] Search records action with empty filter returns all records

When my automation searches for records in a contacts app by a name field but provides no filter value while being executed, all contacts are returned. I assumed that no contact is found or at least an error is thrown? Returning all records of the app makes no sense to me

Hey B_Wat,

Thanks a lot for pointing this out to us.
Currently, when using the „search for records“ action with a filter that specifies no search value, the filter is ignored in the search. This means, if this is the only filter inside the „search for records“ action, all records are returned without any search criterion.

This is indeed confusing and can lead to unwanted behavior. I will look for a solution to this problem and provide you with updates.

@B_Wat we just deployed a fix for this. We now throw an Exception upon searching for records without a valid search value. We figured out that returning no result at all wouldn’t be the correct behavior either.
Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: