[DONE] Team Views all went missing in one app

We have a startling situation where suddenly all of the Team Views saved for our primary use leads app went missing. There were multiple very carefully curated views in place for this team.

Screenshots below show a small example of what was there as of Aug 22:

and now on Aug 30 there’s nothing in Team Views:

All users have been consulted and swear they did not delete or make these views private. Is there any sort of glitch that can be traced back to find/fix this issue?

Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

first of all big sorry for the issue and thanks for your detailed reporting.
We have already analyzed the issue with the highest priority and fully understood the problem. No views were deleted, everything is still available.

We rolled out an improvement for the date split by yesterday, making it more robust for calendar weeks and taking into account the user setting of the first day of the week.
This update unfortunately caused a regression for the special case where a date split by was set to a calculation field with date format. This was with a very high probability the cause that the views were no longer shown.

We are currently rolling out the fix and implementing a test that will prevent this from happening in the future. I will contact you here when the fix is released.

Thanks again and sorry for the issue

@CarsonRedCliffLabs the fix is live, could you please doublecheck that the views are shown like before? And please let me know if everything works?


@Leo - we have double checked and everything is fixed, back to normal now.

Thank you!
Once again, the Tape team makes us love them even more with finding and fixing this in like 12 hours. So refreshing to know you guys are listening and that you care about these user experiences. Much respect.