[DONE] Text Spacing Issues on Android Phone

Hi all,

One of our guest users is having a few issues with text spacing when accessing the Tapeapp website on their phone (Samsung S22), where larger-than-normal spaces appear between words.

To get around this, they installed the Tapeapp phone app, but the app isn’t accepting the same email address and password that they used to sign into the website. We suspect this text spacing issue may be the cause as we’ve got the user to double-check their email and password and even tried resetting the password, but they still are not able to login.

Other guest users are able to log in via the phone app and don’t have any text spacing issues, so this issue seems isolated to this guest user and the text spacing issue.

Has anyone else come across a similar issue to this and has any tips for how to solve it?

Many thanks in advance.


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Same here on samsung galaxy tab A8.
Numbers are hard to read.

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I too have the same issues on mobile.
Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Hi @MarkJF,

thank you very much for reporting this bug. We have already identified the root cause of the issue and are in the process of finding and releasing the best possible solution for the problem.
Thanks also @tomaz and @1F2Ns for the support by reproducing the bug.

@MarkJF could you please double check the issue with login to the mobile app again? If it still happens could you please send us the user, their device and operating system so we can debug it?

I will keep you updated here! Thanks again for the report and sorry for the issue!


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Our guest user has reported back that the text spacing issue when accessing the Tapeapp website on their phone is now fixed, and the app login issue is also now fixed with the user being able to log into the app with no issues.

Many thanks Leo and team for the assistance. Great customer support!



Hi @Mark

thank you very much! Your feedback was faster than my update info about the fix :sweat_smile:
We rolled out a fix about an hour ago that fixed an issue with the emoji font that was causing the spaces. We were also able to fix the login issue with an update to the app.

We’re still testing and making sure there are no interactions with other features, but we don’t expect there to be any.

And you’re welcome! That’s what we’re here for! Thank you from our side for your patience.