[DONE] Unable to delete if has many columns


We have this app with many columns, but the problem if we delete some of the records it shows below a bar but we can鈥檛 scroll going to delete button. see the image below


I ran into this just yesterday and made note to open a report but you beat me to it @comfreakph :raised_hands:

Until this is resolved you can:

  • zoom out to see the button
  • hide rows on the view
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Many thanks to @comfreakph for bringing this to our attention, and to @1F2Ns for providing this helpful workarounds. We will definitely resolve the issues as one of our next priorities.

For further details and updates: 馃啎 Bulk edit in table for single select and status field - BETA

@1F2Ns thanks, I鈥檓 doing the zoom style deleting, but the problem is one of my client are not really a techie people hehe, they find it difficult to the zoom in and out :slight_smile:

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Good news, @comfreakph ! No more zooming in and out for your client! :confetti_ball: We鈥檝e added a 路路路 menu. This way, you can easily use the trash icon to delete records, no matter how many individual single-select and status fields your apps have.

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