[DONE] Webhook Variables not working for top level array JSON body

Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but it is not doing as I would expect:

If I use the variables created as in @webhook payload/0/xxxx nothing gets put into my fields however if I parse manually (without the 0): jsonata('type').evaluate(webhook_payload_parsed) the field gets filled in fine.

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Hi @Jason,

thanks for sharing your issue. Could you convert one of the assignments to code and share what the result is? It seems your body is an array of objects, which is also confirmed by the β€œ0” inside your web hook variable’s property paths. The β€œ0” means that the first array element should be accessed.

I will reproduce your issue with a similar payload and see whether I also run into similar problems.

Will keep you posted here.

EDIT: 100% reproducible with a root level array as a request body for the web hook. Will resolve this asap for you.


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Update: I just deployed a system update that should resolve your issue for good. :partying_face:

Kindly confirm that this is working as expected for you now. :pray:

Cheers &
Thanks for helping us make Tape better & better

Thanks, Tim

Yes, it looks like that is working now :slight_smile:

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