[DONE] Why are automations being cancelled?

I’m working on an automation that should take a multi line text field with variables, then replace certain variables with values from the item in Tape and (for now) just want it to make a comment showing the replaced text as a ‘fixed’ outcome.

For some reason the flow seems to cancel when running fairly often (but not always)

I can’t figure out why or what causes this flow to cancel so often but succeed on occasion. Any tips here?

The error message is stating

[15:45:43.453] Action execution started.
[15:45:43.518] Action execution cancelled due to run cancellation.

But I have not told the run to cancel.

Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

thanks for reporting this interesting issue. The only valid reason why runs may be cancelled - without you cancelling them - is resouces. Does your flow load a big file or any large data sets in Tape or via external APIs? We saw this behavior recently with resource consuming flows.

I once again deployed a fix to make this more robust. Could you recheck your flow, and reach out directly to me if the issue still persists? We can then look into it in detail together.

Cheers & thank you

Thanks Tim - this issues appears to be resolved, I’ve had no further problems since your message

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