[DONE] Wrapping cells for calculation fields and relation fields

Hi there,
I worked with wrapping cells in a table, but looks like certain fields will not be wrapped yet?
First Column shows a calculated field, second one is a relationship title.


Hi @dirk_s,

thank you very much for the report, there is indeed a bug with the calculation field here the cell should definitely wrap. With the relation ship field, the behavior is as intended, since each relation represents a badge, so it is correctly wrapped with several as in the multi select field, but the individual badges are not torn apart.

We will take care of the issue and get back to you when it is solved!

Cheers and thanks again for the report

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Well spotted and thanks for your report @dirk_s. We just deployed a fix for this, could you recheck on your end whether the wrapping now works analog to text fields?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. :partying_face:



Yes - its working now!

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for your quick feedback, and glad to hear the fix worked.

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