💙 Duplicate app to different workspace

I see that I can Duplicate an app only to the current workspace. However, during development I need to work on the apps in a private workspace before copying them to a Production workspace.

Can this be added? Thanks!

Hi Shir,

in Tape you can flexibly move apps between workspaces via drag & drop. The relations remain completely intact.
Therefore duplicating to another workspace is not necessary.
Furthermore you can duplicate workspaces into other organizations. This can be activated in the workspace settings with the publish option if you have the switcher allow duplicate as template on.



Do you also duplicate automations?

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Yes @Roman, automations are also duplicated. However, you can also duplicate automations separately and then move them to other apps by changing the app in the automation trigger.

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This is one of my favorite features! I move apps around and clone them all the time. It works flawlessly. :magic_wand: :sparkles: