Duplicating app: calculation fields missing values

Checking with the community to see if this is isolated to me.

If I duplicate an app I am finding that all of the calculation fields return a β€œβ€”β€ until they are opened, modified, and saved. After they can be reverted the the starting point and work correctly.

I just duplicated this app.
I filled out the required fields and saved the first item.
As you can see many fields are returning β€œβ€”β€ as a value.

I need to edit the rendered output and save (eg. +1 or +β€œfoo”)

Then I can revert the changes and everything renders as expected.

This is not a big deal for me and only takes a few moments to address. But if others are able to replicate this then it may pose an issue for someone who is sharing import links for apps with less savvy users.

Please let me know if you can replace this on your end.


Hi @1F2Ns
I’ve not managed to duplicate yet, i’ve used fairly simple calculations to test though so I wonder if it is something specific in your calculations causing it (either that or I have completely misunderstood, which is totally possible on a Sunday morning :wink: ):

I then made the name calculation a little more complex with an β€˜if’ statement but it still worked on duplication:

I only used calculations with information in the duplicated application, I didn’t test with any relations.


When I duplicate a complete workspace then I get this happening:
melotte.consulting 2024-01-07 at 11.26.15@2x

I had to go through and re-add all the variables before it would display, now interestingly I can create through automation records in related applications within the duplicated workspace and if I do that the calculations appear to work straight away:


@Jason I am running into this when duplicating an App. Most of my calculations are pretty involved and have related items or data coming in.

I’m on my phone right now BUT I’m mostly positive that even when I’m calling or mathing other fields in the same item it’s happening.

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Thanks for your report and for sharing your insights, @1F2Ns and @Jason.

Regarding the single app duplication: I can confirm there is an issue if you duplicate a single app, and that app has a calculation field with incoming relation references. Or rephrased: you duplicate app A, there’s an app B with a relation field to A, and app A has a calc field that references a value of related B (incoming).

In that scenario, field references are currently not properly duplicated and will need to be re-added after duplication. I will share this with the development team due to the complexity of this issue and report back here next week. Thanks for your patience. :pray:

In general, it is worth noting that calculation field duplication is highly complex and currently more or less β€œbest effort”. While other known systems clear everything on duplication, leaving the user with all references to be re-added, Tape attempts to best accelerate the process as much as technically feasible. We will keep you posted.

Happy weekend :sun_with_face:


Hey @Tim … is the API then more mighty (Retrieve app + some calculation + Create App)? Is the UI not using the API itself?