Duration Field - How are you getting around this? (non tech newbie migrating from podio

HI All,
non-technical newbie here. (Playing around before I do a full migration from Podio… )

Am used to having a duration field for calculations and things being in decimal seemingly have me a little confused…

Use case is: I am musician / Band leader and i have an app that is ‘Venues’ app, and in Venue item I had a field that was ‘avg travel time’ or ‘peak travel time’ that i entered when creating the venue item

Then in a separate ‘Gigs’ app i would have a field ‘travel time’ via automation to grab whichever is appropriate on ‘item.update’ automation to populate field (Venues > Gigs) via category selection that could then be used for calculating calendar times that incorporate other entries for setup time, gig time etc… that then gets sent to my google calendar via make.com - so basically my calendar is listed with the time to leave(Travel time)>Setup sound check Time>Performance time.
or is the workaround to have an extra calculation field to do the conversion…


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first things first: Warm welcome to the Tape community :blue_heart:

Your use case sounds pretty interesting. Could you elaborate a little on the point where you currently struggle in Tape? I understand you are looking for a special “Duration” field?

How we usually solve this is via a number input, that either takes minutes or hours (in decimal, e.g. 1.5) and use that to derive calculated date and times from it, or sum up total durations using individual ones.

If you miss the duration field, you could create a feature request for it here:

However, for now a number input might already get you there. Let us know if that could be a realistic option for you, the community can then guide you with replicating your setup as good as possible.