💙 Einschränkung der Auswahl // Selection restriction

Hallo Leute,

wenn ich bei einer Verbindung ein Datensatz auswähle, soll dieser Datensatz für keinen anderen Datensatz Verfügbar sein.

Also eine “N zu 1” Verbindung

Hier sind die Ausgewählten Datensätze

In der gleichen App bloß in einem anderen Datenstz sollten diese denn nicht mehr zu sehen sein.
Siehe hier die Markierten.
Tape Mietzins_not

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Hi guys,

when I select a record in a connection, I don’t want this record to be available for any other record.

So a “N to 1” connection

Here are the selected records

In the same app, but in a different datastore, you should not be able to see them.
See here the marked ones.
Tape Mietzins_not

Thank you very much for your detailed feature request @Philippson

We have already discussed it with the team today and we will deliver a proper solution as soon as possible. We discovered that the request can already be fulfilled with Workflow Automations and other existing features on closer examination.

First, two views need to be created in the app where the records are selected. One for “already selected records” and one for “not yet selected records”. The two record types can then be mapped to the views using a filter, such as a single select field. This single select field can then be set by an automation when a relation is created or removed. As a final step, the view “not yet selected records” should be selected in the relation field settings. With this configuration, only records that are not yet selected can be selected.

Due to the importance of this use case and the complexity of the current solution, we would like to add filters to the calculation field for you. I will let you know when I have an accurate estimate of the development time so that the use case can be implemented more easily and without automation.

We can also set up a video call so that I can explain the current solution proposal to you. Since there are repeating entries in the app, we could use the “On schedule” trigger there to generate them automatically. Would love to help you out with this!

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Thank you again for the great call this afternoon, @Philippson . I’m happy that the feature rollout of new filters on calculation fields was able to solve your problem directly. If you have any further questions or problems, please feel free to contact me anytime.