Email Action - Dynamic Sender

Using the Send Email action, you can select an Account and enter SMTP details, but there is no way to dynamically control which account you use, or in the case of multiple email addresses being capable of being used against one account, dynamically control the “From Address”.

For our purposes, we use Mandrill, which has one set of SMTP credentials (you can use multiple but you can also just use one) and by feeding that single set of credentials into PWA (for example), we can use any from address we want and use tokens to indicate what it should be, making senders fully dynamic.

Is there any way to either dynamically control the Sender, or barring that, get a field to enter the from address along with from name?

Hi @andrew.cranston,

this should already be possible now. As soon as you have selected an SMTP account other than the Tape account, you can enter a variable for the “From address” and “From name” when you click on show more.
The connected SMTP account just needs to be authorized to send from other addresses, then it should work. We have tested this for Office 365. It works there.

If you want to use different SMTP accounts, you can use several Send Email actions and use one or the other with a conditional action depending on the conditions.

I hope this solves your problem.


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