Export large files from podio to Tape

Hi Guys,

any suggestion how to migrate large files from podio to tape? current im using api calls,
in podio I convert it to base64 using procfu then pass on to Tape, but the problem is when the file is large. it will return error to accepted in tape, Tape limits it to 1mb file size.

any tips on how to do this in api calls.


Also interested in this one …

@comfreakph What’s the exact process you’re using and what’s the error you’re running into?

You should be able to use Podio’s endpoint: Files | Download file - Podio API Documentation

Then send the file data to this Tape one: File | Tape Developers

I don’t think you need to use Procfu is a middle man for it but I haven’t tried this within PWA.


Hi @jacquelynmay, thanks for the tips, im using procfu to get the file details like the file id.

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