Fetch PDF, update, and save to item

Hey team,

Coming from Podio, we have used RightSignature for signing docs. We have moved away from the citrix ecosystem and I wanted to see if anyone had accomplished the following.


  • Create document in Podio with merge tags
  • Send to RS, convert to PDF and send to client
  • On signature, save to Podio item


  • Create document in Tape
  • Show on external page with button (Jotform link with URL parameters)
  • Sign using JotForm Sign.
  • On signature, save to Tape item

Currently, the info populated on Tape is not included on the JotForm Signature page so these are two separate documents and obviously not ideal. We do use a Custom generated RefID that links to the two docs together.

My question is:

  1. Has anyone ever taken a PDF attached to an item in Tape, edited/merged/added to it, and then saved it back to the item?
  2. Alternatively, has anyone taken two PDFs attached to an item and combined them to create a new PDF?

I’ve recently used SignWell to accomplish basically this in Podio and Tape.
RS got so overpriced for the features it offers and all other alternatives I looked at were really expensive for their API pricing. SignWell really has it all. User friendly, cheap, feature rich and a really simple API. It’s a joy to work with