Filter via API only by "field_id", not by "external_id"?

I try to build a workaround* and try to make an automation more flexible. I “search for records” from an app with a defined filter. The automation should run for different apps.


  • I convert the element into a script adjust some variable names - it works.
  • I replace the defined app id with the variable for the app id - it works.
  • I replace the field_id for specifying the field in the filter part with the external_id - it breaks.

Is this a current limitation? That would prevent an effective use of automations.

(*This is needed as I need to duplicate certain apps for each user, as I can’t limit single records for assigned users and only use one, which would allow to only use on app for all users.)

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Thanks for sharing your use case @dirk_s, totally understand what you are trying to achieve.

Currently, as per developer docs, it is required to provide the actual field ID rather than the external_id:

I fully comprehend that from a consumer perspective, it would be indeed quite useful to be able to just use the external_id here instead. We will investigate how we might implement this in a convenient way.

Thanks for your input! :partying_face:


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