Free Podio to Tape Migration Tool

I am excited to announce that Zooli’s Podio to Tape migration tool is now in beta! You can use this free tool to create a near-exact copy of your Podio workspace and app structure, including migrating your data.

The migration tool can be found here:

This beta version is limited to migrating 40k items. We hope to offer limitless migrations in the future and are working on scalability. We also plan to allow for file migrations in a future update, as well as workflow automation migration once the tools are available for us to build that.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


thanks @jacquelynmay - I can’t wait to try this myself, it looks amazing!


Hi @jacquelynmay,

absolutely fantastic! :blue_heart: :100: :star_struck:
Thank you so much from the whole Tape team for your Podio to Tape migration tool!
This will make migrations so much easier for many Podio users!

A real milestone for us! Thanks again!