Get ID of selected option in selection field (available in automation - but in calculation field?)

Its possible to get the id (fieldname_id) of a selected value in a selection field in automation scripts as an alternative to the label (fieldname_title).

However - how can I find out the ID in an easy way? I tried to do it with a calculation. But that doesn’t work - or at least I didn’t find the right syntax.

Is it supposed to work at all in calculation fields?

Is this what you mean?

You can execute a script to get the single select ID (which changes according to the selected value). Then use the “Update record” to add the value to a hidden single-line text. You can later use it in a calculation field.


Hi @Luis thanks for the speedy response :pray:

Yes, its possible within the automation. I just wanted to find out if there is also a way to get to this information without an automation. I thought if there is a way for getting this value in an automation script, maybe there should be one in a calculation field as well :wink: