💙 'Get View' in Workflow Automation

Loving all of the updates to workflow automation! One action that would really help in a few of my use-cases is a ‘Get View’ action, which would let me collect items from a saved filter. Then I can use existing actions like loop, update collected etc. to take action on the items in the view.

Thank you so much @jacquelynmay for this excellent feature request! Of course, we want to support you as much as possible with your use cases, so we will bring the implementation of the “Get view” action forward for you and start it next week. We will let you know when it will be available after a rough estimation of the development time at the kick-off.

Hi @jacquelynmay , we had our kick-off for the “Get view” action today. After initial estimation, we should be able to ship this very fast for you! Just a question about a feature detail, so we can give you an exact release date:
Do you need the functionality to limit the record results by number or is that not relevant for your use cases?
Many thanks in advance for your help!

@Leo Wow, that was fast! Yes, limiting the record results by number is needed. Specifically, I am working on building a Round Robin flow where I need to collect a single record from a view.

@jacquelynmay , thank you so much for the even quicker response. I fully understand, limiting the records is a crucial part of a round robin flow. As a result, we will of course implement this directly into the release. The release date is set for Tuesday next week. Again, thanks for your quick feedback!

@jacquelynmay we just released the “Get view” action :tada:

To limit the results to a certain number of records (between 1 to 1000) just activate the option in the action settings.

This action is really quite awesome - thanks to your feedback we are already using it in our own organization multiple times. For us, the best thing about the “Get view” action is, that you can see directly in the view how many and which records are collected for further actions.

Once again, many many thanks! - this action makes our automations much better and even more powerful!

Learn more about the “Get view” action →

SO cool, thank you Leo and the rest of the team! Can’t wait to try this out.

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Thanks @jacquelynmay . Happy to help with your use case. As always, would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve tried it out.