🤖 Guide for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tape

:books: The best way to stop being afraid of AI? Use AI.
But please - always remember to make AI not scary for your team and check your data’s security when using AI services.

This guide is set to expand, and we’re looking forward to adding insights from the community.
We’ve begun pulling together the cool stuff our partners and Tape users have been showing off in Tape.

AI services:
We start with OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT.
Quickstart of https://platform.openai.com/docs/quickstart

Goals for using AI in Tape:
Work faster and write better, such as by automating tasks or communicating with confidence

· Enhance writing skills
· Summarize text
· Generate ideas through brainstorming
· Correct spelling and grammar errors
· Adjust text length
· Modify the tone of writing
· Simplify language usage

Learn prompt writing
This one is tough. It will take time to learn.
If anyone has trustworthy sources to recommend, the community would be grateful.

How to connect Tape with OpenAI
Check out here :point_right: How to connect OpenAI with Tape for generating meeting summaries

:blue_heart: Feeling stuck? or tired of chatting with AI?
Don’t worry, a human is here to help you!


Your post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve recently invested quite a few hours over the past few days experimenting with Make to integrate Tape and OpenAI. However, I’m thrilled to say that following your post I’m in the final stages of completely revamping the system, eliminating Make from the equation. Now, I’m exclusively using Tape, as it turns out to be not only more straightforward but also significantly faster. With Tape, I can effortlessly send requests, process them, and sort them–all from a single platform.


Great to hear @Jason, thank you for the feedback and really happy it is useful to you.

Removing an additional integration layer (like Make in this case) can be quite tempting, and with the power of workflow automations + the execute script action, the sky is the limit! :rocket:

I have just uploaded a short demo video showing the system I was removing Make from and running it purely through Tape, It uses Tape and OpenAI to build out an objective, breaking it into Projects and then each project further into deliverables. Hopefully, this will give an example of the power of Tape without needing to use an external automation tool like Make or Zapier.