💙 Have a link from the Community section to the Help section and vice versa

currently community.tapeapp.com and help.tapeapp.com are totally separated and there isn’t a link from one section to the other. it would be nice to have a link to easily navigate between the two.

Actually i see there is a way to navigate to the help section by the ‘FAQ’ option under the 3 lines icon (next to the Avatar), but it isn’t the most intuitive.

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I only discovered it recently. I just click on the question mark in the bottom right corner of the tool to access the Help Center or Community. Hopefully this helps.

Hi @shir,

I’m currently evaluating and structuring all feature requests in our development process so that all are considered.
We have implemented your suggestion directly. In the help center there is now a link to the community at the top right and in the community menu we have renamed the wording to help center, but here I am still looking into a better position.

Cheers and thanks again for the great suggestion