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Hi, everyone. I’ve built my first automation, and it’s not showing an error, but not working as I had expected. Essentially, I have set a trigger so that when I select ‘generate’ in a single selection field, it finds all the related records via a relationship. What I want it to do then is to list all the related record titles in a PDF, and then attach that PDF to the record.

It;'s mostly working (i.e. it does create and attach a PDF - but the PDF is blank.
Am I missing an action here?

does the inside of your PDF creation step look something like:


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HI Jason, No it doesn’t! I understand from that what I need to do now! thanks!


No Problem, drop me a message if you are stuck. Also, this post may help you:
:bulb: Dynamic tables · Workflow Automation - :loudspeaker: Info & Announcements - Tape Community (

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