🟢 Hide "New Entry - Button"

Is there a way to set up an app so that new entries can only be created via API or import? In other words, the user would not be able to create entries in the frontend.

This is useful for help tables or pure views.


Hey Roman,

If I remember correctly, the team is working on a way to lock apps.

Here is the Roadmap.

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Great, thanks @1F2Ns

Hi @Roman,

unfortunately this is not yet possible, so your feature request is definitely very valuable. However, we already have the feature firmly planned on the roadmap. By extending the authorization levels to “Can view”, it will be possible for selected users to set an app so that the create button disappears.
Until then, however, you can create an automation that directly deletes a manually created record to prevent this.

@1F2Ns with the wording of the planned unlock mode, it could actually be assumed that you can use it to lock apps so that no records can be created. In the future, the main purpose of the feature will be to allow admins to customize apps more quickly. It will initially be rolled out for the dashboard apps and will also replace the field template in the medium term.


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How can I prevent entries created by an automation from being deleted?

The user automation does not exist