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Hi Tape developers,
I’m a new Tape user (and so far a happy one!)
Just a minor issue that would make Tape even more user-friendly:
When I click on a category in the table view, split by category, it’s hardly visible which category I’m looking at… e.g. screenshot attached, I clicked on ‘hot leads’ but the colour difference is minor (slightly different scale of grey). Marking it in a different colour would make a huge difference!

Screenshot categories


Hi @Nele_Claeys,

first of all, a very warm welcome to the tape community! We are really happy that you are here :100: :tada: :grinning:
Yes, I have to agree with you, we changed our color system last year and the selection of a split by section in a view has become a little difficult to recognize. This could be a low-hanging if the wrong value is set here.
I’ll check whether the correct opacity value is set here and get back to you.

Thank you very much for your valuable request!


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