How to generate and display QR Codes in Tape

You can generate QR Codes via Tape automations or use an external provider like QR Code Monkey.

Here is an example App that shows how to generate a QR-Code from a Link field:

We use a hidden Multiple-line-text field that stores the raw QR-Code (SVG) data and a calculation field for rendering the QR Code inside the record:

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 09.19.40

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 09.19.46

If you want to generate the QR Code on Record creation via Tape, you can use the following automation:

let qr_code_input = order_field_link_url;
// qr_code_input = '';

const { data: { data, file } } = await tape.File.QRCode.generateQRCode({
    data: qr_code_input,
    type: 'svg',
    size: 400

console.log(JSON.stringify({ data, file }, null, 2))

var_qr_code_svg_data = data;
var_qr_code_file = file;

You have several options for customizing your QR-Code:


DANG! We have been pushing out and pulling back a JPG image for many years. This is fantastic for our use case. As always, you are appreciated.