How to get automatic reminders for important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and all other events

Just use workflow automation to let people know about events.

With automation, a comment is added to the record. Members can follow the record to receive notifications about any updates. This gives members the flexibility to decide if they would like to receive reminders or not.

Personalize the notification schedule according to your specific needs. For example:
· event day, 08:00 am
· 7 days before
· 2 months before

You can choose your own comment text. Personalize the comment text with variables and use ordinal numbers for a professional touch.





Duplicate showcase with all automation

  • Click here :point_right: birthday reminder
  • Click the Duplicate button at the top right
  • Only Tape users will be able to duplicate the showcase
    • Tape users who click duplicate and are logged into a Tape account will be able to duplicate the showcase in their personal organization
    • Anyone signing up for a Tape account via “Duplicate” will see an easier, shortened version of the sign-up process, so they can start even faster