💙 Importing: Calc fields

To preface, I know migrating data is never a fun time.

I just pulled in some records from a different program and created a new app – super cool feature!

It did pull in all of my “calculation” fields from the raw export.
Now, I know I could modify my import file but it would be really neat to have the ability to select what columns I want to include when building out the initial app.

It made all of my “calculation” fields text fields. So now, I need to go and trash all of the unneeded fields only to add them again as “calc” fields.

Again, I know I can clean up my import file but I wanted to toss this out into the universe.

Hi @1F2Ns

great to hear that you like the new import. And your request makes me even more happy, because we have already built exactly this functionality.

For this case you can simply remove the field mapping in the customize import menu and then this field will not be imported into Tape. With this pattern it is also possible to map two different columns for start and end date to one field or to map several types of phone / email to one field. You always see in the respective column with the tootltip at the info icon if the mapping was removed and the field is not imported.

Please let me know if you have additional questions or need help regarding the import.


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