Improve the process for adding Guest Users

The ability to add free Guests by sharing apps is wonderful. However there is one painful piece which has caused problems for me/my clients multiple times now.

When adding a guest, the first Invite step is simple and logical. Even better now that we can add a message to the invite.

After hitting invite however, the next popup to “Add to organization” has caused some problems.

Many times the user (including myself) has been moving fast and not carefully read the help text. It’s easy to just think… “Yes I do want to add this person to my organization, that is precisely why I just invited them!”
So they quickly click to “Add to organization” thinking it is merely a confirmation step to the Guest Invite they just sent. This however turns them into a paid member seat with different access (based on organization settings) than the single shared app intended.

I fully admit that the help text is right there and clearly explains that this is a billable event. However it seems to get missed often, and creates a large hassle to fix when done incorrectly.

For example, the scenario below describes a real situation that took an annoying amount of time to rectify…

The client has multiple Guest users who do some freelance consulting design work. Those guests were carefully invited to a handful of different apps across 3 or 4 different workspaces.
A new app was created which these Guests might need access to, so it was shared with each one.
Unfortunately the “Add to organization” button was incorrectly clicked when the new app invite went out.
This instantly converted 10+ Guests into Members of the Organization.

Luckily it was recognized and able to fix before the next billing cycle went out. But the ‘fix’ is quite annoying.
It is impossible to convert these now members back to guests. The only option is to completely remove them from the entire Organization and resend app-level guest invites one app at a time.
In this scenario, that meant that after removing each guest from the Org, it was necessary to sit down and carefully go back through and remember which apps from various workspaces needed to be individually shared with all of these Guest users.

It would be wonderful if we could see either
A) An extra layer of confirmation required before causing such a large change and converting guests into paid members of the organization.
B) An improved process to “revert user to Guest status” and reinstate the permissions to individual apps that were shared with them.

I can see the benefit/value for Tape HQ to prompt action converting more users into paid members…however it can be quite frustrating and time consuming for genuine Admins to have to go through this laborious process if they make one small mistake and click that button when they should have hit ‘Skip for now’

You found a dark pattern :wink:

It also happened to me.