⚪ Include other video conference providers

Hi all

the embedding of MS Teams is great - we do not use it because of the low security standards though. It would be great, if e.g. Zoom (end-to-end encryption possible there and by far the most stable solution) would be implemented as well.

As for now we can work with Jitsi and “automatic” or stable links using a calculation field for meetings. For ad-hoc communication a video solution would be great.


Hi @rone,

thank you very much for your feature request. The topic of integrating video calls is something we really need to look into in general, how we can best integrate that into Tape and where we place it on the roadmap.
I’ll check in detail and get back to you here.
In any case, it’s great that you already have a solution for meetings with the calculation field!


@Leo we use Whereby for the meetings at work. I originally discovered them from the direct integration with Podio (their original name was Appear.in) many years ago. They may be worth looking at as there are no accounts needed to join/sign up visitors/guests.

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