Is there no way to remove a person from a group chat?

I didn’t find any way to remove a person from an existing group chat?
Is there any?

I do not either. I wasn’t even aware that there was a group chat feature until now.

Here is an exhaustive list of features phone messaging includes.

  • Create new messages
  • Create new group messages

  • Delete individual messages
  • Delete entire message thread

  • Archive messages
  • Archive group messages

  • Add/remove people from group messages

Are all of these needed in Tape?
We do not use chat so I’m interested in what everyone else is doing.

How would you ideally like the chat (and group chat) to work?
Do you have a use case that creating a new chat would not cover?

Actually - we don’t use it either in our company. But - for some companies the platform is the “Work OS”. So if the chat is there, they use it. I think if there is a group chat, it should not just allow to invite, but also to remove people again.

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