Issues with tables in pdf

  1. The formatting of the table cells is broken due to page break - colgroup and col width of 50% seems not sufficient, assigning a width to individual cells would solve the problem, but is not user friendly

  2. no clean page break

  3. Forced page break doesn’t work, part of the table disappears

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Hi @Daniel,

thanks for your report! Would it be possible to share a copy of your workflow, e.g. a simplified workflow with static data that shows how to reproduce your issue? That would help us understand and resolve the issue quicker.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @Tim as an aside. Can we share a link to the TinyMCE docs for the WYSIWYG you use in Tape? Or the specs for what you are using. I do remember that they have some features and notes that the community may benefit from reading/knowing. …just a thought.

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Hi Tim,
the procedure is relatively simple, just create a table that will extend beyond the page and this can happen:
line 5 is missing (not always), width of the cells is not correct after the page break (always)

Also, when I continue editing the document,

tags are inserted in places where I have not made any changes, see here: 2 exports without me changing the spacing of the elements

and also these tags are inserted en masse into the source code: