Javascript Select Element in Calculation to Run Automations?

Is it possible to create a javascript select element in a calculation field that would run a specific automation? A calculation like this:

This example includes a simple “Yes” and “No” selection. The goal is to add this to a “Display Message on a Web Page” action to have a “dashboard” page for the client to change options via the front end. Let’s say they select “Yes,” then an automation runs something on the backend. Here is what I got so far:

In this scenario, if the client selects “Yes,” then {{Result Here}} will change to something like “Thank you for your selection” which will be added to a Multi-line field on the record. I want to set it up this way because it will be associated with each record’s calculation field, giving me much flexibility.

So far, this does not work at all. The select element shows on the webpage but does not trigger anything.

Is this not possible with Tape? Are there any viable alternatives to achieve this?


@Luis - maybe you can help us understand the use case a bit more here. It isn’t totally clear to me what you’re trying to accomplish.
Whenever we use a ‘display a message on a web page’ action, the purpose is to confirm action(s) already taken, not to prompt or require additional actions.

From how I see this, if the user is already in Tape to select the first yes/no option…then I would probably use something like the action to “Create a Web Link”

and then post a comment that has two separate web link choices and the next step of the process occurs based on which of the two links they choose in the comment prompt presented to the user.


Thanks for the reply @CarsonRedCliffLabs

I’m designing a Proposal app on Tape. I wanted to include a dynamic pricing table that allows the end user (via Web Page action) to select from a “Recommended Addons / Upsells” list of products/services.

The best way to explain what I mean is via this sample Google Sheet table I created

As you can see, the core product/service cannot be edited, but the checkboxes under recommended addons / Upsells can be clicked to update the pricing table automatically.

My idea on Tape was to create a select element in a calculation field and call it from the webpage (via automation insert collected on tables). If the user selects “Yes” for the recommended add-ons/upsells, automation will change the line item/product price to reflect the selection.

I thought of a Yes/No selection via creating web links, but that won’t work on the proposal page I made, and additionally, the users will not be on Tape.

So far, creating a static invoice table with established prices and quantity is very easy, but I haven’t figured out how to make a dynamic table on the front end.

That’s why I’m wondering if that is even possible on Tape.

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Hi @Luis,

this is definitely an expert use case for the “Display Message on a Web Page”. Therefore I need my developer colleagues to check in detail if and how we can implement this.

What can definitely help to solve your use case is that you can add any number of display message actions in Tape in one automation and than display the informations depending on certain conditions.
In addition, you can select in the 3-dot menu whether the “Display message” should be displayed below, above or as a new page.

We will get back to you here as soon as we have analyzed the possibilities.


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It didn’t occur to me to use multiple “Display Messages” in the same automation. That opens so many new scenarios that I didn’t even think of. Thanks so much for that!

As for the displayed options “Add below, Add above, or new page,” what exactly does that do? I experimented with it but didn’t see any difference.

You are welcome @Luis, we have implemented it so that you can implement a simple version of screen flows with multiple steps.

“Add above” and “Add below” support this by keeping the existing message displayed and adding another message below or above it.
For your advanced use cases I am not sure if you need this.

Here is a short gif that shows the options.

GIF 08.10.2023 10-30-39


@Luis you can also accomplish your use case with JotForm.

  • Create your variable pricing in JotForm
  • imbed on the Tape page

In the tape app you will need an ID
You will then pass the ID as a URL var to the JotForm form

Then on submission you pass the JotForm data back to tape VIA webhook.

Here is an estimate with signature solution and payment I am actively working on.
(note: you can click around as needed without hurting anything BUT the payment gateway is live :money_mouth_face:)

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