JSON Key Names (and migraines)

Do you have those periods of time when nothing seems to work and nothing makes sense, and everything you touch seems to result in a frustrating and confusing issue which just builds into more issues? well I certainly do and normally it requires a complete change playing a game or climbing a mountain works best for me and left unchecked normally results in a migraine (or maybe it is the onset of a migraine that is the cause), anyway, I’ve been in one of those places the last few days and the following that is probably obvious to some, has been one of the main culprits :

Don’t use hyphens ‘-’ in your key names

As an example, if you have a hidden form field of form ref don’t send it with the name of form-ref it will not work properly and be very confusing as when you look at the payload it will look fine but the value will not be extractable.
form_ref and formRef both work great.

Now for a bonus tip, which I have been meaning to post for a while, check out:
JSONata Exerciser