🆕 Launch Pro Backup for Tape ✨

We're excited to announce that with Pro Backup, you can now get daily, automated backups for your Tape organization.

Tape puts security at the top of our priority list, and we are committed to keeping our customers’ data secure using the most stringent security measures available. Learn more →
However, due to guidelines, users require an external backup solution, especially to separate the backup from the main provider, Tape.
We knew that choosing the right technology partner was crucial – one with a reputation for excellence and a wealth of experience. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Pro Backup. A shout-out to @Will_from_Pro_Backup and his great team for building this integration.

Let’s give it a try :point_right: Pro Backup for Tape

Pro Backup is effortless to use and packed with insights, like record or app counts.

Building any integrations takes serious effort at first, all done with the prospect that they’ll become useful. We’re confident these integrations bring benefits, whether for your organization or your clients if you’re a consultant. Please spread the news and welcome Pro Backup into the Tape community by trying it out yourself.

If you have additional reasons to recommend Pro Backup, we’d love to hear them:

  • Data can easily be deleted by accident
  • Data can be overwritten by an updater

For any cool ideas or thoughts, we’re all ears!