🔗 Leverage clickable calculation field links in list and board layouts

:mega: We recently released a tiny new detail new feature: Calculation fields can now yield clickable link badges for list and board layouts - with a proper icon based on whether it is a weblink, a mailto or a call link.

Here’s a sneak peak of how those will look in your app’s list overview:

All three badges are dynamically created links via calculation fields. Keep on reading if you’d like to know how to build this on your own. :star_struck:

Setup and instructions

In order to yield clickable badges, all you need to to is yield proper URLs, either raw URL strings or in markdown syntax. As markdown provides a nicer result (you can define the label of the link, not only the URL), we will use markdown in this example.

Create a calculation field and make sure to compose a markdown link using your field references and the code you require. In our setup, it is pretty simple for demo purposes:

Use mailto: for email links, and tel: or callto: for phone links:

Our resulting app present three types of links that are all clickable in list and board layouts - nice :rocket:

Just as in the past, these links are of course also clickable inside the record.

Shared example to get started :rocket:

As usual, we created a little shared workspace to give you a head start.

Use this link and the regular “Duplicate” button on the top right to get started:

Clickable calculation links examples share link


Thanks to @Hans who originally came up with this idea and created the respective feature request!


Feel free to drop your questions and thoughts in the comments :point_down:


Monday morning and again great solutions from the guys at Tape to make your job easier.
I also tried it with @phone number and @email as variables for phone number and email.

`[Email ${ @Name }](mailto:${ @email .filter(obj => obj.type === 'WORK').map(obj => obj.value)[0]})`

`[call ${ @name } to](tel:${ @phone .filter(obj => obj.type === 'WORK').map(obj => obj.value)[0]})`

Works great.
Thanks a lot for implementing, Tim!


The cherry on the cake would be if you could take the protocol selection tel: or callto: from the phone field as a variable. Or is that already possible?