Maximum possible options for a category field = 300

Once again, I have found a limit. :wink:


I have built a nice script that matches the possible colors to the available colors from tape and creates the corresponding categories.

The problem is that we have over 400 different colors in our system today. And counting…

Since I assign the correct color via API, it is not an issue to handle such a long list. Does the limit have a technical background?

:zap: BONUS: Will i soon be able to assign my own colors via API?

not sure if a category field would be the best for that kind of application. I have similar app for a client, where we make use RAL colors as attributes which even show up in the correct background color. This app runs on another low code platform though.

We decided to manage those colors in a different app and just select them from each record. That can also be done with a reference field in Tape as of today. With the future updates of the UI, I hope it won’t take away so much space and would even allow you to define those colors.

Actually I find 300 options for a static category field pretty impressive :wink:

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I would like to use this field because it is the only one that can display a color difference in the tile view. So I can see at a glance whether, for example, there is still a yellow vehicle among the blue ones.

I would therefore be interested to know the technical reason for the limit.

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This isn’t meant as a solution, or a workaround, but I wanted to mention that I did the following for a warning message in the past:

  • text in a field
  • called it in a calc styled with background-color inline CSS
  • added it to a card view and it shows.

I only mention this because I’m a color dork, and know there are thousands of different colors. This may be worth exploring if you needed to visualize the actual colors of the names.

Eg. Plum vs Violet. Or a color that is not predefined in tape field options.

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@1F2Ns sounds interesting. Can you show me what your solution looks like in the end?

The yellow bar is shown as a warning for jobs that are being shipped out.
Only the text is rendered in the card view, no background color.

I had missed the fact that you are wanting to show the different colors in the tile view. This is not currently rendered BUT I’m sure the team could extend functionality, if it was beneficial for the community as a whole.

2024-02-26_ (2)

I think calculation fields, as an alternative to images (as in Podio), would be the solution.