Merge records

Would be helpful to have the option to merge two records in the same app.

Its important, because both records may have a lot of outgoing / incoming relations. Think CRM and connected apps.

Those should be merged with a screen, that helps also to handle fields that have different content.

I believe a workaround would be creating a field (possibly multiple-line text) and then creating automation to get related records and update the field based on the data. Is that what you mean?

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Hi Luis,
multiline field is a difficult approach, as it has some formatting, which is invisible - but causes programming issues.

Also - I want the user to merge two records, which may need decisions what field to keep or merge. Just imagine you have two company records for the same client in your CRM app. Before you realized it, people worked on both of them. Now you want to merge it, but this also means that not only fields need to be decided on, but also relations need to be adjusted.

I don’t think its working without UI extensions.

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Example: I have a duplicate company records. One has 16 incoming records, the other 21. …
There is currently no easy way to consolidate them. It will take easily 15 min manually.
(Bulk edit won’t work for relations).