🟢 Missing add action button

Hi it seems that once you are in ‘loops’ you lose access to the ‘+’ add action button:

melotte.consulting 2023-10-04 at 14.41.51

I understand that screen width gets less the deeper you go but being able to add actions where you need them also becomes more useful :slight_smile:

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can you add your action as a separate step then drag it into your desired position within the loop?

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Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs yes that works fine, it’s purely a UI issue sorry if my message implied otherwise. I seem to be suffering from man flu at the moment so probably shouldn’t be posting at all as I’m likely making even less sense than normal :smirk:


Hi @Jason,

thanks for the report and I have to agree with your point!
The reason why we removed the plus button was the nesting depth of maximum 10 levels that some users reported to us that they need within the loop and the conditional action.
So we removed the plus as a tradeoff to still be able to display this nesting depth clearly.
But in the meantime we already have ideas how to make it even better. We will optimize this in the next major UI iteration for automations.

In the meanwhile, another good workaround besides @CarsonRedCliffLabs is to duplicate existing actions above the position where you need the new one and then just turn it into the desired one.

Your hint shows us that it is really worth to make these details better!

Cheers and thanks again

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Same is for conditional actions - plus button is missing here too.