⚪ More Markdown support

Reminded that I have been meaning to raise this by this post by @andyG. I write everything in Markdown (and would actually normally be reluctant to use a tool that didn’t facilitate its use). A Markdown multiline text field, I feel, is very useful. It would also be handy in email automation and PDF creation as it would make formatting these easier for most people. As a quick example:

# Heading One
some text
## Heading Two
- List one
- List two


For more detail, you can visit Markdown Guide.

Hi @Jason,

thank you very much for your feature request and your examples. The added value with more mardown support I see also very high. I need to check with our rich text specialist @Ben what is generally possible here and how we set up our multiline textfield technologically in the long run.
Thanks again and I’ll get back to you here.