Passing formatted text via webhook?

Does anyone else experience an issue when trying to pass formatted multi-line text fields via a webhook?
This particular example is when we fill out some data inside our app in tape. then we send that via Zapier to get processed with some OpenAI api steps and other actions.

It works flawlessly sometimes, but seems to break other times.
Testing has uncovered that it is apparently whenever formatting such as bullet points or other formatting, then nothing is passing through the webhook properly.

As you see in these two screenshots, option A had a valid payload while option B did not



We would like to keep using the formatting in our text notes. Any good solutions here?

best practice on passing data through api you need to base64 encode the values then base64 decode when you capture it in zapier, not sure if zapier supports base64 decode, but in make you can do this.

@comfreakph’s suggestion should work and avoid common issues as you will yield a normalized base encoded string that should never cause issues when sent to external systems.

@CarsonRedCliffLabs do you send the text field value as a POST request, inside the body? Or as a query param? Could you show the workflow action that you utilize?

Thanks for those notes. We aren’t yet doing a base64 encode/decode and may need to put that in.

@Tim right now we are just using a POST request with a few variables defined as shown below.
This approach has worked well in other instances, so I wasn’t sure why this time it was giving inconsistent results.

I try and avoid Zapier as much as possible but there came a situation where I had to use it recently in a new clients existing account and found the best way to handle webhook posts like that was to not put the data in the request but to amend the url with url_encoded data.
For example:

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