pCloud integration

Would like to share how we use Tape and pCloud to share content with customers in case anyone finds it useful.

Was looking for cloud solution and decided to go with pCloud (their privacy policy and Valentine’s Day for lifetime subscription 2TB was half the price, could not resist).

Big shout out to @Jason for doing the heavy lifting with api :pray:

We like to create new folder for each project.
Folder and subfolder structure is:

Project x / Public
Project y / Public

In main folder are internal files and in Public is content files which customers should have access to.

We run single automation on create with script and create folder in pCloud:

Then we update url and text fields with created folder.

Repeat the same script with small tweaks to create Public folder.

After that is just simple automation to share that Public folder with customers from stored url vie email.


@tomaz nice I am pleased you got it all working how you wanted :slight_smile: I had meant to ask you if you got the Valentine deal for pCloud as it was a good one :wink:

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This looks very interesting, thanks for sharing.
I’m curious if the ultimate goal here is a two way street for sharing/collaborating with files? Or just a publicly accessible repository for the end customer to access without having to give them access to full details within Tape?

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Customers get access to Public folder where are files for their project and are meant for them.
I guess next option could be to trigger automation if they add any new file inside that Public folder.
Currently there is no need for that, so they just get access and check if all the files and data is correct and communicate back via email. :man_shrugging:
Customers don’t access Tape data.