🟢 Push changes from Master-Application and Master-Automization

We have several Workspaces with exactly the same applications and automizations. Changes in the automization or the applications are therefore a hustle when rolling out a new feature or field. Working with a “master application” and a “master automization” could easily fix that problem.

Use case as following:
We have a ticket pooling system. Several “slave apps” in several Workspaces copy all the data into a master pool. Reason: Several clients that shall only see their entries, but we need the information on new entries in our master pool.
Simply updating the slave apps by adding a new button, a new field or a new automization causes immense workload on our side - since we need to change nearly 100 applications and automizations.

Working with a master application that changes all slave applications that have been associated with it (or created by it) would result in updating all applications in less than a minute. Same goes with automizations.

Hi @Joschkalang,

thanks for your feature request. With your structure with nearly 100 apps I can understand your request very well!
The idea of pushing database changes from a master app or template to all duplicated instances and thus enabling a kind of staging for the customization of multiple apps at the same time is something we’ve already thought about but currently prioritized on the long term roadmap.

However, with the new API endpoints there is the possibility to create automated fields for multiple apps via the automations and the script action. So there could soon be a showcase in the community where someone has built exactly such a sync.