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Hello community,
we have related records and would like to check if any of related has single select option “x”.
If it does would like to create “some text” to put it on PDF.
I tried using conditional actions: where select is any of “x”, action calculation “some text” and is not working. Also tried loop for created with filter is “x”

Latest attempt:

So what is the best option to go through related and check if any of has selected option “0”?

Hi @tomaz Is this the kinda thing you are trying to do:

I know it’s not exactly what you are trying but have I understood you right?

@Jason this is what we need, but if only one of them has value x we don’t need table, only one sentence.
So if we have one or ten related and only one has value x then we need to create a one sentence.

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@tomaz how about this then:

It looks like it works to me if only one of the related has a ‘x’ then it produces a pdf with some text if there are multiple related records with an ‘X’ then it produces a pdf with a table.

basically, I am using the roll-up function to count the number of ‘X’ records and then a conditional to check there is more than one

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