Reminder for Tasks to be sent 2 hours Before The Due Time

Hi Guys,

I created a custom Task app with due date for sending notification, our cron scheduled automation it can only be triggered on a day when due date arrives at specific time. Is there a way to trigger the automation
2 hours Before The Due Time ?



Hi @comfreakph,

I just checked again myself to see if I could find a workaround, but didn’t find an easy solution.
We have built the “When a date arrives” trigger in the first step on day logic but maybe an upgrade to hourly would be valuable for many users.
Feel free to create a feature request for this! I’ll also check with my fellow developers to see if they can find a solution and if anyone has an idea, I’ll get back to you here.


Just some loud thinking…
If you have due date at 10am and would like to send notification at 8am. Then you can create automation triggered every day at 8am.
Of course that only applies if due date is always the same.
Maybe you can use some variables where you take due date-2 hours and add a second date field so that second date is updated automatically and then trigger on that day?


I was wondering about this way as well