Reset Unique ID value

How can I reset the Unique ID value? I have tried creating a new field in the app but its not working. i have done several tests and I want to start over the value for production.

@DB_Looper I don’t believe you can β€˜reset’ the unique ID, the way around this would be to duplicate the app and that will set the unique ID back to the start.


Dang. Then I have to edit all of my automations as well. Hm. May just make a single line text into a Unique ID file instead.

I guess it depends on your automations, but most will just work if you use the duplicate option. I suppose it’s a balance as to which works best for you.

Echoing @Jason on this one.
If you absolutely need to reset the ID then I would suggest duplicating the space to see where you stand. A lot of the automations and calculations are retained. You might be surprised -I know I was.


Hi @DB_Looper and many thanks for the support @Jason and @1F2Ns,

a common way to format or customize the unique ID is to use it with a calculation field. However, @Jason is right, it cannot be reset. This is unfortunately important for many use cases where it must be guaranteed that consecutive unique IDs are always assigned, even if records are deleted, e.g. invoice numbers, customer numbers or similar.