Retrieve single workspace info by ID

Hi Tape Team! Hope you’re doing well.

While working with workspaces through Tape API I didn’t find an endpoint to retrieve the metadata of a workspace, conventionally via its ID.

Could this new feature be implemented?

Best regards,
Graco here at Gentil Negócios.

Hi @gracosilva,

thanks for sharing your request! :partying_face:

What information are you referring to? Basic workspace information can already be retrieved via the workspace endpoints documents in the Tape developer documentation:

Let me know if you miss any data in the API, or if I misunderstood your question. :thinking:

Thank you in advance &

Hi @Tim!

Thanks for the feedback.

I suggested another endpoint to get only one workspace via its ID. But currently I can get all the workspaces and filter the specific.

Don’t worry, I can work with the current API state as well.


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