Scheduled Automation Trigger Time Zone

I thought I saw a post about this somewhere but does the Automation trigger for a scheduled/time interval trigger using UTC vs local timezone?

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Hi @joelhall,

You can set the time zone in which the automation runs as you wish. The time zone set in your profile is always used as the default. The automation then always runs in the set time zone.
You can find the setting above the title of the automation.


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Thank you Leo, time zone in profile is correct and I double checked those in the flows to make sure they matched (I missed the hover above the profile to get to that). I had one run that didn’t match the set time zone but I’ll monitor it this week now that I double checked things to confirm they run in the correct time zone. Thank you as always!

Hi @Leo something isn’t lining up with the timezone selected in the flow and the date/time flows are running. Is that something we can look into together?

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Hi @joelhall, of course we can check this together! We really need to understand if the time zone is not being used as expected and fix the root cause. Could you maybe send me a video showing the automation and describing the issue? Then we can get straight down to fixing it.