Select Task Section when assigning a list task to someone from an item

Hi friends.

I noticed that I can create and rename “sections” on my tasks page. Pretty amazing feature as is.

We will be using this feature a lot as we migrate over.
I see that I can manually add myself as a task owner on an item.

But I do not have the option to select the “section” when adding the task to someone else.

I have not tested this with the automation so please excuse me this is already possible.

I would like the ability to;

  • create departments on demand when creating/assigning list items via automation (I feel like that’s a big ask but you never know.)
  • I would like the ability, to at the very least, choose the “section” tasks are placed into when creating/assigning tasks for any user via automation.

Reason: We use departments and this is how we keep things separated.

Hi @1F2Ns,

thanks a lot for your inisghts! I fully understood your use case.
First we have to conceptually think about the best possible solution for your requirement, the problem here is that the sections in Focus are a user centric feature. This is actually meant to allow each user to organize their open to-dos from all apps themselves in one place according to their way of working. That’s why you only see your own sections and it’s not currently part of the automations.
A possible solution could be to push another category field from an app into the focus and then set the sorting according to this field instead of the own sections. This would also give you the possibility to use the automations, but you would be limited to records because there are currently no tags for subtasks.
I’ll get back to you by the end of the week to work out a solution and evaluate it from the development side.


As always, thanks for the quick reply.

I’m glad I was able to illustrate my use case for you. Brainstorming with you in regards to using a category field -what if the title of the checklist was used? Then the checklist item could be named “department 1 tasks” or the like. That would satisfy my needs, I think.

If I understand you correctly, I cannot assign tasks to my team using automation? That might be a big pain point for us.

Maybe we can hop on a screenshare so I can better explain our setup. I’m sure there is a creative way to accomplish what we need. And if not, we will figure out a work around and adapt.


This sounds like a very good solution, we would then probably need an alphabetical sorting option in the focus to order the tasks by the departments.

Don’t worry, you can assign subtasks and tasks to your team with the automations - we use that all the time in the Tape team as well. The only limitation is that the assignment within the different focus sections is not part of the automations, as these are private for each user.

Great idea, let’s find a slot the next days to look at the problem together. I will send you directly my calendly link.

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It was great meeting with you yesterday. I want anybody who is reading this to know how passionate you and the rest of your team are about this product.

It’s really refreshing to be involved as you develop the product further